2019 Conference Recordings

Welcome Session: President Adela de la Torre 

Welcome Session: Jose Sabedra (Special Presentation) 


Welcome Session: Amb. Carlos González Gutiérrez


Welcome Session: Rector Valdez Delgadillo


Welcome Session: Mayor Kevin L. Faulconer


Welcome Session: Jim Madaffer (Special Presentation)


Welcome Session: E. Joaquin Esquivel (Keynote Speaker)


Welcome Session: Hernando Durán Cabrera

Welcome Session: Peter S. Silva

Session 1. Water Reuse: David Gibson

Session 1. Water Reuse: Leopoldo Mendoza Espinoza

Session 2. Water and Health: Rick Gersberg

 Session 2. Water and Health: Concepción Carreón-Diazconti

Session 3A. The Tijuana River Watershed: Trent Biggs 

 Session 3A. The Tijuana River Watershed: Carlos de la Parra

Closing Session: Congressman Juan Vargas